I’m in the tub typing on a laptop perched on an inverted laundry basket. In the darker scenes of The Man in the High Castle I can see my reflection. I see the reflection of a man in his late fifties who frankly never wants to work for anyone else ever again. Tomorrow I have a meeting with my career coach, the person Intel will pay for a few more months to guide me through finding a job, and that’s what I will need to tell him.

I have money in my IRA to last, at current rate of expenditures, and taking income taxes into account, about a year and a half. Of course that can be stretched out by making money and by somehow cutting expenses. But neither of those come easy. Even so, I feel as though taking a regular job only delays my getting to what I really should be doing. The way to avoid that delay, and get to what I really should be doing, is not in finding a job. It’s in finding myself. And kicking myself out of the way so as to focus on the activities that are really in flow for me, and succeed spectacularly at those.

Write, really write, the book. Discover how to become a contract design engineer and build a solid reputation. Contribute in far more significant ways than merely providing capital and a strong back to Sunya’s business.

How are these going? Well, kicking myself out of the way remains a significant challenge. But I feel I am making progress.


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