I posted on Facehook about one of our cars getting stolen and my truck breaking down but I intentionally was very positive about it and I think that’s why I got one sad and nine likes. All these people liked that there were helpful people out on the road and I’m not sure any of them read to the part about the stolen car.

And that’s fine, I like positive, I just think it’s funny. Interesting. Some word like that.

So we woke up to a missing car, and the kid who normally bicycles still couldn’t because the bicycle was stolen a couple weeks ago. So two kids went to two schools in one car, and two kids went to two schools in another.

Later in the day the person whose car was jacked took my pickup to get two kids — except the battery was dead. I checked and it wasn’t that, just the terminal had come loose. Of course the bolt broke when I tightened it and it took a while to replace it for various stupid reasons that would be funny if depicted by Pee-wee Herman but wasn’t and weren’t.

So she then took the pickup to work and I took my old Jeep to meet a career coach and broke down in commute traffic during a rainstorm. That was when people were helpful for a minute and I was cold and wet for an hour and a half before the tow truck showed up.

I got home about the time Sunya returned from her trip to San Francisco, which was a lengthy ordeal because of the number the storm did on the highways and freeways and drivers and trees. It blustered and blew outside the rest of the night. I didn’t work on the Jeep. I tried to make headway on these necklaces I want to make for the weekend. Challenges included getting batteries small enough to fit into the bottle, that sort of thing.

Today the truck was gone because the eldest child wasn’t clear that I needed to be asked or at least told when it came to her driving it to work. So we were down to one car and four kids going to four schools. But Uber has changed the world so it wasn’t really a difficult problem.

Then a friend posted that he had four tickets for Rogue One at the IMAX and was looking for takers. I knew I didn’t have time for that but was talked into my evident need for an adventure. I didn’t have a car. The holder of the tickets was having his own adventure and was neither at home nor the office. He was up near the old Air Force base casing a shady motel where his iPhone said his iPad was located that had been ripped out of his truck the night before. He couldn’t tell which room it was in and the police said there was nothing they could do so he was basically waiting for suspicious persons. He didn’t have a plan as such. I took an Uber up there — we detoured through the neighborhoods because a downed tree was blocking all three lanes of Watt Ave — and slid into his car to get the movie tickets while he was glaring at the curtained windows. I wanted to help but even if I had a car and the time I don’t know what I would actually do. It’s easy to imagine knocking on doors when you’re five miles away but when you’re actually there it’s another calculation. Who knows how much stolen property justified a motel room and what the occupants thereof will do to protect it.

So my Uber waited for me because when I ordered a new one, the system naturally chose him. We went on downtown and now I was at the IMAX on K St. One other person had responded about the tickets so I wrote his name on it and left it for him at the box office. I managed to convert the other two for future usage so my motel-casing friend didn’t suffer a total loss. I enjoyed seeing that movie a second time and enjoyed the food and drink we had afterwards, and then I Ubered on home again. I could have taken the train. In hindsight I sort of wish I had. But time is money and I’m not sure it would have added up.

While I was gone Sunya arranged for a bicycle, so at the appointed time I drove way up into my old family-man stomping grounds and picked it up. Hopefully it will avoid theft for a few good months.


2 thoughts on “Positive

  1. I thought California was supposed to be nice and sunny with people finding themselves ‘n’ shyt. What have you all done to the place while I’ve been gone?
    Mainly wanted to say, impressed that Uber dispatched your driver to you again. Had that been a telephone company repair, a truck from across town would have been dispatched because that guy just picked up a ticket two blocks from the second guy, so they would pass each other on the Interstate going opposite directions. Another algorithm gone awry.


  2. I like the tales you tell. I feel annoyance/anger when I read how you’ve been screwed. I feel quiet pleasure when I read how you’ve had an interesting time, such that you get to tell a story.

    Mostly I’m commenting because for a moment, the tower at McCarran looked enough like the one at Sky Harbor (minus the red prongs that hold the “jewel”) that I had to do a triple take to be sure.

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