Three Questions for “Ladies”

After our flu surrendered just in time to allow us to work an event at the Crocker Art Museum, and after that, and after hanging out at a friend’s house, we got antsy and went out dancing.

Question One. If when you were a young woman the dance clubs had signs like this posted prominently, would your social life have been different in any way?


Some things are better now than when we were “young”. Let us not forget that while being cranky about all the ways the world now sucks.

Question Two. Is it weird that I decided this observation can’t go on Facebook? I decided that because a lot of, probably most, of my friends there are young enough to render Question One kind of weird and pointless.

Question Three. Am I the only one who first saw the asterisks as quotation marks and had a moment’s smirk at what subliminal message was being sent, that actually wasn’t being sent? I am? Of course. Figures.



2 thoughts on “Three Questions for “Ladies”

  1. #1. I feel compelled to be brutally honest about myself. When younger, I didn’t go to dance clubs or bars much. When I did, I put up my “guard” when it came to guys, a shield I had developed for reasons I can’t discern these days, and so was adept at blowing guys off. Note: NOT blowing guys. NOT getting guys off. ‘k? And, finally, had such a sign been present I was callow enough to consider any guy I found unattractive to be “creepy” and would have alerted security if someone with acne or misshaped eyes or whatever even looked my way with an expectant smile. Which would’ve been quite a killjoy and thus the cute guy who was his bro would have rejected me for being a bitch.

    #2. Weird? Yes. So what?

    #3. I didn’t see them as quotation marks, but did think they were kind of serving the same purpose as implied by quotation marks and wondered if that included transgenders and twinks.


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