Battery Critically Low 

I’m not being metaphorical. I brought my laptop so I could again sit with it in a coffee shop, but I forgot to keep it plugged in last night and now it won’t come up. But I have my tea and croissant (very different from yesterday’s mocha and breakfast sandwich) and can’t just leave, so here I be, blogging mobile.  

Here being a Peet’s that is, per the map, about three thousand feet as the crow flies from yesterday’s. It’s a larger and more business-like place and has a completely different vibe. More people in professional work clothes taking it to go, etc. 

Professional is a thing I need to be. Suddenly I wish I was working. This wish will manifest in opportunity because it will make me more susceptible to clues about what’s out there and where to go. I just need to crank it up, and keep cranking  it up.

Yesterday I called a recruiter who had emailed and then called me. He was in New Jersey and had a strong Indian accent. He had a contract design engineering position in South San Francisco that appeared to be a good fit. Once we connected voice to voice he told me where it was. I got all interested because it’s at the life sciences division at Google. Also because it shows they really do scan resumés for keywords, “medical” being a relatively rare word in mine. I hope whoever reads it decides to follow up, because my resumé doesn’t really say much. It gives a general history but doesn’t include awesome moments and specific experiences. I don’t think it can and stay manageably short. On the other hand, it needs refinement to be more compelling.

This is one of those blog days when I haven’t chosen something to say, I’m just sort of streaming. That with the evident fact no one reads this anymore add up to fine with me. I’m just sort of journaling, only into the WordPress app.

You’re thinking, South San Francisco? No, I’m not moving. But work is work, and pretty much all the work up here is at the company I can’t go back to until next July. So the Bay Area. And SSF is better for me than the South Bay proper because a) it’s closer and b) this particular job is only fifteen minutes from the house of a friend of mine. I would raise the couch surfing possibility if I got the job, not before, but just that it’s there for the raising encourages me. 

Maybe the title is metaphorical after all. I need to get plugged in and soon. 


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