Not to be an Elitist but

One of my most valued friends runs workshops in which through guided meditation we address some area or other of life that needs a fresh look. She holds them at various people’s homes. I just decided to go to tonight’s. When I entered the address into the calendar and hit the map link, I got this as the street view.


Well, my house has looked pretty shitty at times too. And this image is a year and a half old, so shut up.

I just saw and figured I’d share. Facebook can’t get everything.

These workshops, they’re a mixed bag for me. I benefit from the meditative slow-down (they always start with a half hour of protective grid-building based on your fourteen chakras) and the focus on an issue (last time was about the divine masculine, and while yes my masculine is pretty divine it still needs work).

I’m sure the house is cleaned up, the hostess tends bar at some of our local LGBT clubs and she’s a big beautiful sweetheart, I can’t imagine squalor lasting long.

OK, back to “work”, I just thought I’d post something.


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