Sold: Apple ][ plus


I joined the Apple II Enthusiasts Facebook group, and quickly engaged with someone who was interested and lived within driving distance. Last night he came up from Berkeley, where he lived about half a mile from where I grew up, and bought everything I had. I didn’t even keep the receipts, or my dad’s code printouts, or anything. I am learning to get rid of stuff.

Turns out to be an interesting guy and I think we will remain Facebook friends. I like the sorts of things he’s been saying after and about this disastrous election.

It’s fun to see a discussion bloom in the group for which my late system is the subject. It’s amazing what arcane details these enthusiasts know about Apple ][‘s. Already my old machine has been seen to have some unexpected variances from other machines that shipped at the same time. It’s like listening in on a bunch of sports car collectors talk about say a 1960 MG that was made as the factory was shifting to 1961 or something.

This is all my way of saying goodbye. Sunya has been observing these passages and correctly noticed that the yearning I had for my father, which was never really met while he was alive, is being worked out through my handling of the many things he left behind. I’ve learned so much about him since his things became mine. I would really love to have one last conversation, but.


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