Lodging III

Expedia published my review. Apparently I’m a lot kinder than other people.


Scrol down and press the Guest Reviews button. Mine is by “Don from Sacramento.” Quite a contrast between mine and everyone else’s.

Why is that? It’s quite possible that I’m crazy. Also, I wasn’t there at night. I collected my keys at four in the afternoon after coordinating with some guy via text. He met me, unlocked the gate, showed me up the stairs to the room, and took his leave. Polite guy, no weird vibe or anything.

I didn’t unload the car because I had just dropped people off at Decom, i.e. the Burning Man Decompression party that was on a blocked-off street two miles away, and we wanted to have our stuff near us.

I could talk at great length about the event. But I won’t. Suffice it to say we took actual possession of the room around seven o’clock in the morning, not just the two of us but one of our friends from Sacramento plus a couple cute homeless girls who were kind of getting away from their boyfriends. No, there was no messing around. I wanted to at first, and I think the other guy probably did too, but the vibe wasn’t really there, and I’m just not a dick about such things. We had booze, some of us were still tripping, we worked on some art ideas for an upcoming event, and one of the girls — the one who flashed her dimples at me rather a pleasing amount, I thought — described her chaotic life just enough that we realized there was significant risk of STD.

STD = Spiritually Transmitted Disease.

If you are intimate with someone, sex or not, you are going to pick up some of their spiritual energy. That sounds woo-woo but think about it. Can you make out with a guy who’s angry at his ex-wife or has weird mommy issues and actually enjoy it? I think not. You may not be conscious of it, but it just ain’t workin’, and his unsolved bullshit is why.

So anyway, they got hungry and went off to breakfast about nine. I napped an hour or so and we vacated the spot around noon and drove home. At no time were the ever-present street people an issue. They were just who they were, which is who they always were, have been, and will be. I guess it’s understandable that travelers don’t do their homework on the location, but if they had, I don’t know what the hell they were complaining about.


2 thoughts on “Lodging III

  1. Agreed it does seem like the nuances of love making or making out in general would be very prone to disruption and various RITF (ripples in the force.) Well, they are. I can tell you that they are.

    A guy speaking to Michael Moore, in one of Moore’s films, I think Bowling for Columbine, made the point as he showed him around the Watts district in LA, that as they looked around, no one was being robbed, mugged or shot. It was actually pretty peaceful. Not always, but I think reputations and impressions can sometimes be based on a very slight statistical edge that doesn’t bear out in actual experience. Like saying nah I wouldn’t move to the Midwest–too many tornadoes–when in fact I’ve lived here since 1968 and, while there have been tornadoes, I have never seen one. If a tornado was running for president, I might be on Facebook right now saying that they don’t exist.


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