Why, Good Morning

We were in Oakland till midnight, hence not home till one thirty. She fell asleep immediately. I did not. I don’t remember sleeping. Technically one never does, but I don’t remember dreaming either, or even being particularly drowsy. I know I slept because I also don’t remember being awake for five or six hours. So I probably slept for two or three. When the sky grew light, and then the sun rose over trees and houses opposite the bedroom window, that was all she wrote as far as sleep goes.

I don’t know how we’ve gone so long without getting actual curtains for the bedroom windows. Something one thinks of only on certain weekend mornings. We need real curtains, too: blackout curtains such as used in motels.

Well, I’m not getting that today.

This was a good night to get some good sleep. Sometime later today we are going back down to the Bay Area, probably with extra people, to go to SF Decom. It ends at 11:00pm but next door will be a private party we have invitations to that will go till noon Monday. I have no intention of staying up all night but it would be nice to get into the wee hours without having to dig super deep.


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