Lodging II

A place looked interesting, indeed upscale, and offered on Expedia at half price. Full price was really high, half price about typical for a good room. I booked.

We learned Monday isn’t a school holiday after all and I checked for cancellation policies. But we discussed and decided to go for it anyway. We have resources.

I’m familiar with the location. A block south of Mission, a few blocks south of Market, an area I’ve walked through several times at all times of day and night.

Finally, though, I looked at the reviews on G+. Two stars on average. Lots of complaints about the high crime neighborhood. Drug dealers, streetwalkers, even a shooting. No complaints about the room. People wrote a lot about the neighborhood and added that the room was nice, as an aside.

Zero reviews on Yelp. Can’t seem to find reviews on Expedia and their system is poorly designed. Agoda had two that essentially said the same thing: Nice enough inside, terrible outside. One review on Orbitz which, what the hell, I’ll quote here:

The room appeared as advertised but is not a hotel with any services or cleaning. There is no check in but a text message exchange with someone who will meet you outside to give you the keys. The interior was comfortable but there was shoddy workmanship and evidence of recent construction. The walls were very thin and one could hear everything on the street. The area is very dangerous with degenerates who hang out outside the door and in the adjacent alleyway. It is very loud. One night, someone threatened to kill another person. I left this place a day early because I returned to an ambulance taking away an old man who was bleeding profusely in the crosswalk. I was really disturbed by that since I was traveling alone. No amount of nice furniture and decor can cover up how unsafe this listing is.

This may seem strange but none of this bothers me. We’ll only be outside late at night for a couple minutes when getting out of an Uber car. I have no idea what time that will be. Two-ish. I only got a room because we just don’t feel like staying up all night anymore. The streetview doesn’t show an alleyway anywhere. My impression of low-star reviewers is they are the sensitive type. Not someone I’d want to travel with. I just don’t care about all that.

I often look like one of the degenerates anyway. It’s great when they think so too. This long hair helps me fit in in all sorts of useful ways. No one’s going to bother us.

And there’s nothing quite like sleeping in late on a sunny San Francisco morning.


One thought on “Lodging II

  1. My daughter lived alone in a crack hotel in Berkeley for a month when she was 18. Degenerates, crime, blood, drugs, whores, all there. I think you guys can handle one night of this. But plz do check in right away on fb the next day!

    Why no day off for Italian dude wot destroyed tribal paradise? Commies!

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