One short poast a day? I can do that, why not. I’m sure as a phase it will pass. Meanwhile, we roll with it.

The bar with whitewashed walls and dark wood trim and strung with industrial Edison lights was just cranking up Motown Monday when we left. We hadn’t been there in a long time, and the vibe was really good. Completely fun, with James Brown videos on the wall, and people drinking and dancing who were mostly born after the Godfather of Soul got out of prison. But it was after ten and we had a show to go to.

Across the street was the pounding heart of the gayborhood, a bar that gives “industry workers” half price on Mondays. Our friend and former housemate was set to debut as a drag queen. The show was starting late so we went out back. Found a few friends, and within minutes had a few more. I was recognized as an occasional participant in a super-secret Facebook group that breaks a lot of the rules and will disappear if it is ever reported. A redhead with really strong happy energy introduced herself as the one who did that tit-fucking video. Somehow I knew which one she meant. I told her I loved that shit. It was amazing. Needless to say, the rest of the night the back of my mind held the happy thought that her chosen intro suggested a possible dimension to our acquaintance. Especially given how friendly, indeed vivacious, she was throughout the evening. Her date, presumably the video partner, was completely friendly too. I like friendly.

The show was a lot of fun, held on the floor-level stage with the bar about half loaded. The performers did really well. I had the impression from a couple of them they were living out a dream and doing a good job of it, but I couldn’t decide if it was uncharitable of me to think so, so I didn’t share that observation with anyone. Our friend was the final performer and looked absolutely fabulous but needed, I thought, a more dynamic stage presence. I took a video and he can decide for himself.

That’s it. The idea is not to spend much time.

Nota bene. I started yet another blog but its purpose is as a place to put things that I might actually want to share on Facebook or elsewhere. Therefore nothing about my current life and the people in it. What, I dunno. So far, virtually nuthin. But here: Teeter Tottering.


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