Takes me all day to find a place.

Mission: Find lodging.

Scenario: San Francisco Decom, Sunday 9 Oct.

Constraints: Decom is held in Dogpatch, and there’s no lodging within a mile of that place. Not much in Potrero Hill either. But I don’t want to go too far because while Decom shuts down around eleven, we’ve been invited to a private party at a house there that goes all night. Our intention is to avoid staying up all night, but I figure we’ll stay into the wee hours, at which time I won’t want a long drive to our rented bed.

Used to be I or we would just drive home after the event. But neither of us has a job and Monday is a holiday anyway so why not take care of ourselves. Also we will probably cart several friends down there and after they’ve been partying all night they’ll want a ride home.

So I’m online and damn, it always takes me hours. Google, Yelp, Expedia, Hotels, Priceline, it’s all the same. You want to get the right place for a good price, but it’s hard to figure out what the places are really like, and the prices in the City shade to the higher side if it doesn’t have shared bathrooms and a permanent roach population.

So that’s what I’m doing right now. Fascinating, what.


2 thoughts on “Lodging

  1. Not a bad idea. Nowhere to park, though. It’s an area with notoriously little parking and high levels of street crime.

    I found a room we can cheaply Uber to but the whole plan is coming down since Columbus Day isn’t a school holiday after all.


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