Clearing out, I found two boxes full of DVDs. These are the ones that survives a culling pass a couple years ago. There’s a lot of good stuff there. Thing is, we never watch DVDs. I don’t think we own a functional DVD player. If we want to watch a movie we find some medium-grade thing on Netflix or HBO, and we don’t watch movies often. I probably don’t really need The Lord of the Rings or Patton or Bladerunner or the entire Monty Python’s Flying Circus or, needless to say, any of my father’s ballets and musicals. Yet … it makes me sad.

I need the room. I need the money. People who live closer to life’s edges don’t stockpile this crap. I need to clear out. Out out out. And yet.




4 thoughts on “Ramble

  1. I’m keeping a 15″ stack for now. Some of these were presents. I’m getting rid of others that were presents and those sting the most. Others are just movies I like to get immersed in and I don’t want to rely on the networks. It may be years before I get immersed again, but, well.


  2. It is sad. I threw out so much I can’t think about it and why is there a weird rectangle in the left corner of my laptop saying “Ask me anything”? Was that always there? I don’t like it. GO AWAY.


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