Back from Burning Man, I need to make some serious changes. One of them is to reduce the time I spend on Facebook. A good start towards that will be to eliminate one of my two active accounts. I want to merge those two worlds anyway. My reasons for having an alt are no longer valid.

The question is, what’s the best way? I can invite friends from one to the other and stop interacting on it. But the migration of people will take a while, and I’ll have to retag pictures and do a lot of invitation forwarding and whatnot until the world finally sort of gets it. Seems like more work and interaction, not less.

Oh, I say. I wrote about this already in my last post. Then I went to Burning Man. Quite a lot of adventures ensued, as usual. I probably won’t write about them. I took hardly any pictures, too. This trip was for the present, its present, which is now the past.

The practice of blogging will fade similarly. I need to write new habits, productive habits, habits that make me happy, habits that move me forward doing the things I was put here to do. Sorry, change sucks, but that’s how it has to be.

Weird, because I have so much to say! You hardly ever see that, I hardly ever make time for it, but it’s true.

Anyway, somehow I had better start the process. Just not sure how yet. There are a few hundred fine people who know me as Don Ricardo and know nothing of Don Teeter. It will be weird for some of them, perhaps. Plus I don’t want to transfer ALL of them. It’s an opportunity to thin out the crowd, if I need to do that, and I’m not sure I do. Maybe I should do that first.

Stats as of this moment:

Don Teeter has 144 friends.

Don Ricardo has 333 friends. And rather more fun too.

They have eleven friends in common.

I’m more fond of the fake one than the real. They are slightly different. Some obscure psychology at work there.

Anyway. I’ll wait till the post-Burning Man social networking dust has settled.


4 thoughts on “Mergination

  1. Since it’s a lotta work, and you need to spend less time on Facebook, why bother merging? Why not just put all of FB on hold?

    Or create another version of whoever it is that pleases you most (can have the same name), and friend everyone you want on that one, and dump the other two.

    Use Facebook’s export feature for each before you dump them. You won’t need to put the photos back up because you’re not going to spend time on the new profile — it’ll just be for events, right?


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