Constant Note-taking

Ever write a Facebook status and ten minutes later decide it’s dumb and delete it? I just did that. I do it now and again.

Why? Because I get an impulse to share my brilliance but when ten whole minutes pass and no one’s had any reaction AT ALL I realize I’m essentially just posting pictures of food and take it down again.

This one was a thought about the street sweeper I saw hurry by. It didn’t seem to do much but I could see that it did prevent accumulation, and this naturally made me think about the accumulation I see in poorer neighborhoods and wonder why they don’t street-sweep there.

I can imagine why, though. The neighborhoods I’m thinking of have narrower streets that are often lined with dead cars and discarded couches and whatnot. Why bother? Can’t get to the curb anyway. Maybe the landlords get a tax break for not getting the service.

Doubt it.

Anyway. Whence the impulse to share? Why do I (we?) need to write and share so many little things? I have a theory: If we’re not both naturally outgoing and in and among a bunch of people who like to chat, a certain instinct goes unsatisfied, and these technologies allow us to compensate. Of course, it’s well known that Twitter et al. actually created a mindset that makes many such people even lonelier than ever. But that’s not my problem and doesn’t matter, I’m not talking about solutions here.But I feel I overdo it. I have two, yes TWO, completely active Facebook accounts. Sometimes I just have to cross-share. I am doing that more and more as the reasons for having an alternate fade into irrelevance. I could kill one of them but I don’t want to kill either one because they are both full of memories and pictures and things I don’t wish to lose. I was talking to my son about that and we decided the best probable way to handle it is just invite everyone from one to be friends with the other, and then stop using that one. Post nothing new there forevermore and let it fade.

Makes sense to me. Now the question is: Which one? I have to have a real-name Facebook. I’ll be looking for a job soon and then leading a new sort of post-corporate professional life. But do I really want my real-name Facebook to fill up with my weird Burner friends? Actually, that’s not a problem. Why shouldn’t I just be and share all of me? It’s not a real question. It looks like a question but is really one of the dying throes of whatever persona deep inside still needs to hide in some way. Huh. Screw that.

Well, I’m not deciding today. I’m fixing and building today, and packing soon. But I’m thinking this change, and a few others, has to happen shortly after I return. Burning Man is a sort of New Year’s, a time to be open to change, to really let change happen; and the both of us have strong feelings that this Burn will be really awesome, unbelievably good, kicking off a new life in some ways. Looking forward to it. Wish I didn’t have so much unfinished work to do.

(The bike I want to take needs its front forks lengthened, which I can do but I gotta go borrow a welder. My solar panels need frames and stands. I’ve done nothing about their connections and don’t have — may not need — a voltage regulator. My octahut is still in storage. The trike is still in pieces — today the frame should be done and can be taken to get powdercoated. Etc etc etc, I don’t have time to write it out …… )


2 thoughts on “Constant Note-taking

  1. White glove law firms might care about a FB profile, but anyone else… idk? Maybe I’m naive about this. As long as you’re not publicly slagging off your workplace or customers, why would anyone bother with you? And of course low level peeps have to watch how much time they waste during the day publicly.

    Otter than that…

    I go thru FB purging binges. I like to delete my blogpoast links after a bit. Don’t need those old ones on the wall, esp if there’s minimal discussion. Even big convos get tossed after 6 months or so. Why do i want to keep a 5 year old argument on my wall? Dumb. It’s not the Dejamountain. And if I make a joke that no one gets? Hosed!


  2. I hate it when I make jokes that seem less like jokes and more like I’ve been cutting and pasting with my eyes closed. On the other hand . . . she had warts.
    Is social media like tattoos? I mean, you can remove dumb FB entries. I met a guy who had a tattoo of the logo of a company he used to work for. On his arm. Yeah, I know. It was above the elbow, sure, but what about casual Fridays?
    (Or do they not do that anymore?)
    I have two FB accounts. Accidentally. The one I abandoned, I look in on now and then, accept all the friends requests (hee hee), make a comment about the Al Gore/Bush campaign and sign off.


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