Poking at my Phone while I Lie in Bed 

Writing slowly because that works best. 

Sunya, inches away, tries to sleep a little before we get up early to go in for her surgery. It’s not major, we hope. Should be home later in the day. 

I spent the evening in the front yard of a rented house in Davis,where we had a sort of hexayurt workshop. A hexayurt is a little house made of insulating foam. It’s a popular improvement on tents. Sunya got a friend’s some time back, and today I removed the old tape and learned how it will go together with new tape and fixed it up as much as I had time to. 

The house was rented by one of our fire performer / burlesque friends, and some of her friends were over too. The front yard was large enough for practice. The three of them and me and this other guy were the only people left when they decided to try out pasties with flammable tassels. Yes, they shook their tits to make fire go round, and about died of laughter doing it. It was really a sight when these topless women also spun fire hoops for a bit. One of them even managed to light her breast tassels with the flame on her hoop. Much hilarity. Reminders, if any are ever needed, why I love this community so much. 

I’m sleepy now. Mission accomplished. 


2 thoughts on “Poking at my Phone while I Lie in Bed 

  1. No pics of fire tits? Sheesh. I have an offer of free burlesque lessons, but I’d have to drive to Hollywood. It’s on a Sunday morning, so maybe not so bad driving up. Idk. I hate driving. I might tho. Could go to a museum after. Two cultural events in one day! Hmm.


  2. I considered asking if I could take pictures. The women were filming each other. But I decided not to be picture-taking guy but just let them be. My impulse to create / enable safe space etc.


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