Mobile; in which I blog arbitrarily  

Five minutes and I’ll be out of the tire store. Glad I got here early. Long line now. 

Then to stop by some new friends’ house to get a cell phone left at a party. It was a nice little gathering that went till late Sunday morning. We don’t do those all-nighters as much anymore but these were just lovely people.

Then home to regroup and gather some children for a trip to the State Fair, which opened this past weekend and takes place about ten minutes from my house. Me and another dad are going to buy the kids wrist bands and go shopping for wine. I’m told they will open the bottle for you and give you plastic wine glasses. This gentleman is a Burner (gawd, who do I know isn’t?) and among the country’s premier magicians. It’ll be a good day. 

The party people included a klown DJ who’s also a software engineering consultant  for Google, an amazing Leo alpha mama in long dreads and lovely tattoos, a digital artist whose father knew the Shah, a stone fox who came from Brazil five months ago and was most comfortable wearing almost nothing, a —

Time. Car is ready. On to the next thing! 


One thought on “Mobile; in which I blog arbitrarily  

  1. I’m working. At my desk. In an office building in Irvine. In exactly one hour I will consume a peanut butter and jam snadwich. I forgot to bring a book. So, I will work on a pome. I hope you win a massive stuffed frog. Kbai.


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