Not Done Yet

I don’t think I’m really a blogger anymore, but here I am typing, so hmm.

The news is my nearly 21 years at Intel Corp ended last Friday. Shifting economies and big decisions led to a need to downsize, and after they handed out the Voluntary Separation Packages and the Involuntary Separation Packages, they decided to come after old people I mean people who are eligible for “retirement”. I was eligible because my age and years of service added up to 75. So they said, here, if you sign up for the Enhanced Package you’ll get full retirement plus an extra year’s pay.

I was already in a position that screamed “accept it!” so I did. I was in that position because a) strong hints abounded that the next downsizing efforts will not be so generous and b) I had been in redeployment after my workgroup was disbanded and was already used to getting paid not to work. But that was only for a month or two (plus the nine months of a temporary assignment). During those months I worked constantly, just not at my “job”. Running a household full of teens and pre-teens while their mother worked hard (incredibly hard) to establish herself as an artist in several media and we both try to do a zillion other things as well pretty much took over my life. But that was a phase. Now that I’m officially an Intel Retiree I need to get serious about what I’m going to do with what remains of that life. In particular this means Get A Job because seriously, I am in no position to not work, I’m just floating temporarily on corporate largesse. The panic will set in later this summer.

Other news, when I feel like typing I really ought to work on My Novel, and so that cuts into the bloggering energy for sure. Plus I’m in constant motion. We were just up the hill at a festival, and next weekend we might go to Juplaya (though I kinda hope not because I am TIRED). Blogging / public journaling, while very satisfying when done right, doesn’t really fit in like it used to.

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