Blarg tharts

This sort of random whatever’s on my mind at the moment blog isn’t really my intention. There are other subjects I could pin a blog to:

a) Writing, whether My Book or some other

b) Photo essays

c) The Mechanical Arts, as they used to say; i.e. my career shifts, support for Sunya’s art, and preparation for Burning Man and its ilk

d) Nothing

You get it. Sometimes you just have to toss something out into the air, knowing a few people who sort of know you will eventually catch it, in a way that’s not appropriate or satisfying via Facebook.

How did Fussbook become such a thing anyway? The compulsion is related to our social needs, and the experience is self-designing, so it becomes a sort of addiction. Just gotta check to see how people reacted to me, or to see some delightful unexpected tidbit about San Francisco or Sacramento history, or check if the handful of people whose posts I always get something out of have done anything. Just gotta check. Only take a minute — or twenty. Just gotta.

Having two active personae only makes all that worse.

Speakin’ a which, here are pictures I took on Friday but someone else posted (screen-grabbed off the FB album view).




Sometimes I’m in love with the houses of midtown Sacramento. This one’s a friend of mine’s. Too small for me at this time, but who knows what cottage will house me a decade hence.