S16.4.0: The Beat Goes On

I never chose to spend time filling in the spaces for old entries. Maybe this blog can be a fresh start and just continue while the other dies like a weed in summer. Or this one can do that while the other … Aah! Wev.

In need of music to remind me what Alden’s memorial was like, I made a Pandora station for the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and right now I am hearing a trad version of “Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler. It’s completely wonderful. Why am I not playing my horn?

Because by the time my day has wound down and I decide Fuck it I should just play my horn the household has gone to bed and such noise is (or should be) disallowed. Prior to that I haz other priorities. So: Whud I do today?

At 1pm I went to another suandw meetup and made what seemed like good progress. I’m still in a character’s introductory chapter. Seems like I’ve been in that chapter forever. It may turn out to be the book’s first chapter too, but that doesn’t matter at this time. There’s not a lot happening, mostly description to acclimate the reader and flashback to introduce the character. It’ll end with a bit of intrigue, a question mark to keep the interest going.

Prior to that I was, what. Woke up reasonably late, nine-ish, and took a minor to the doughnut shop. Nine-forty-ish, took another minor to the gym. I hadn’t showered or brushed teeth yet and I guess I spent my doughnut time slacking online. Got back from that to have a serious talk with my struggling artist. She really is struggling. Her body is in agony, and it will take time for the various drugs and therapies to bring her back to normal, even the new normal. She was also feeling, as all artists do, uncertain about the value of her work. I helped best I could, then went back to the gym. Still hadn’t showered, nor did I yesterday. The teenaged target of my commute was not in evidence at eleven as we’d planned, and he wasn’t responding to my texts and calls, and I had a visitor scheduled for eleven-thirty, so I had to leave him and go back home. The visitor got there before me, and as he was just picking up an old rifle rack custom-made for the Cal 100 that I wanted rid of, a housemate showed it to him and he took it and left before I got home. I decided to shower and brush teeth (finally!) before making a return trip to the gym. By the time I did my charge had been sitting around for an hour, but that’s what he gets for his phone dying and meanwhile not managing to find me as I waited in the parking lot for twenty minutes and had him paged. This all got me home again at twelve-thirty by which time I needed to go to the meetup. So that’s what I did prior, apparently (had to write it to remember it).

Afterwards I stopped for a beer as described on Facebook and then came home to do some food shopping and help S with her biography, also as described in Facebook but in my other account. So there. No trumpet playing, and that’s about all I have to say about that.


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