S16.3.2: In Which Things are Discarded

I made this in junior college, in a mechanical engineering prerequisite class. I’ve never used it. It would require endless rust removal. I should throw it in with the junk.


But … But …

So much to do. I can’t see blogging, except in those randomly inescapable moments.

What else happened today? I had a nice chat with the gentleman who’s retiring. Got a sense of the high level of responsibility and of politics in the job. After hearing my questions he felt I was pretty well positioned for that very unique position.

In the afternoon the CEO announced ~12,000 jobs were going to be cut in the upcoming reorganizations. If local management decides that unique position will remain invaluable, and I am hired for it, I will turn out to be incredibly lucky. If not, and that’s surely possible, then I and the family I’ve joined will be pretty well fucked.


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