S16.2.3: Work, Eat, Repeat

This day devolved to working on the broken clothes dryer, in and between the other things one has to do. I replaced the drive belt, but the drum doesn’t turn. Not enough tension on the belt, or too much friction elsewhere. No reason the tensioner would suddenly be too weak. But the drum rides on a couple small rollers. Perhaps one of those has suddenly gone stiff on me. Also, its ends are captured between big round felt gaskets that appear a wee bit worn and don’t stay perfectly in place. Maybe they have now been mangled just enough that they offer too much resistance. Meanwhile, no laundry in a house that on average needs two loads run per day.

A good friend invited us over for a small dinner party. The soup was delicious and made of things Sunya can eat: chicken broth, carrots, celery, bok choy, rice noodles, tofu, turmeric, water chestnuts, peanuts. I’m writing these down as a means of remembering. These are people we’ve partied with in every imaginable way over the years, yet now all that seems so distant to me. Well, things have changed. Not only health-wise, but financially. We’re much more subdued and much more intent on producing rather than consuming. This isn’t to say we were ever unproductive, far from it. But I think now there is, or is going to be, more focus on the work and less on the mad socializing. That suits me really well. I want to figure out how to get some writing done, for one thing, and not this boring matter-of-fact blog tone. I have a voice. It seems to have gone silent, recent practice sessions notwithstanding, but I do have a voice. It’ll come back.


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