S16.2.2: In Which We Do Things and a Belt Snaps

Finished the table. Cut the legs short so the keys are more or less the right piano height from the floor. Found an adapter somewhere in the dragon mound so normal headphones with the mini plug can plug into the audio out phone jack. Decided to nix any idea of having speakers on it.

Didn’t get a keyboard stand because this thing is 4 1/2 feet wide and they’re not big enough. Or stable enough. Or anyway, because money. And didn’t think of it.

Unclogged a bathroom sink that Drano® wasn’t making any headway against. I never knew what was blocking it. I knocked a lot of scale out of the sink trap but that wasn’t it.

Had a visit from my mother, whom I finally told was always welcome to come over. Neither of us is used to the idea but everyone has mellowed with age and she’s outlived almost everyone she knows and it will be nice for her to come knit now and then while Sunya is working on art projects.

Spent many more hours than intended trying to compile tax deductions. This year is hella messed up but nuff bout dat.

Did not run. Did not write.

Late, like just before bed, I remembered I had no clean underwear and went down to start a load. There were clothes in the washing machine. There were clothes in the dryer. I started to unload the dryer when I perceived the clothes were still wet. I restarted the machine but it didn’t sound right. Had a look and the tumbler wasn’t tumbling. Tried several times. No dice. Over time I figured out how to open the front panel and verify the drive belt had broken, pull the thing forward off its little dais so I could unplug it, find something long with a hook-like end to it so I could pull a bunch of extraordinarily linty pieces of clothing from the space between the dryer and the wall, note that the exhaust ducting had come loose, and generally spend more and more time doing less and less because it was after midnight and I was tired and stupid. Finally got to sleep in the wee hours.


2 thoughts on “S16.2.2: In Which We Do Things and a Belt Snaps

  1. Oh, dryers! Yes, I love how relatively easy they can be to fix. Ish. That whole pulling apart and cleaning and stuff, plus the troubleshooting and slaving berks… I mean replacing belts (DYAC!), and the controller cards and what not.

    Good work!


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