S16.2.1: In Which We Take Unnecessary Steps Towards Installing a Piano

I easily interrupt myself. This could be because I easily set plans that need changing. I have a lot to do, some of them more important than others, and this causes interruptions and restarts. But if I keep reprioritizing, some things just won’t happen. Often better to choose a thing and just do it.

pc2x-olb-eae20783613c34f513b47964d8b6ec14I have a keyboard. It was my father’s. It’s a Kurzweil PC88. No slouch of an instrument. Nice heavy keys. MIDI interface. Having it makes me want to play piano with the ease of having had training and practice rather than my virtual hunt and peck. But mostly it’s been out of the way, hidden among other things great and small in my office. I had it out for a while a year ago and the kids really liked it. I want to bring it back out again.

It needs a good sturdy table. This is why it was put away: The table broke. But I can devise a table. So I started today. Found a table top that had been out all winter but seemed okay. Went to Home Depot for legs and attachment hardware. Cleaned off the mud and some paint from earlier projects …

But I was tired, sleepy-tired from having eaten lunch, and I did not want to work on the table by crouching down to the ground. I needed sawhorses. I went looking for mine. Both pairs were in use holding up old doors for work tables out back. I thought it would not be nice to retrieve my sawhorses from that. So I went to get more.

Home Depot didn’t have the wooden ones they used to have, and the folding plastic kind were too expensive. I can’t see spending sixty bucks on a pair of sawhorses. I hemmed and hawed and broke down and bought the brackets you attach 2x4s to, and bought the 2x4s, and brought all that home to make my own. Material costs for the pair, about $26, which is better, but still seems a bit much.

Sundown found me crouched in the driveway making sawhorses rather than crouched in the driveway assembling a keyboard table because I originally didn’t want to crouch in the driveway. Well, dusk is a far less sleepy time of day than mid-afternoon. And I need sawhorses out of general principle. I’ll finish the keyboard table tomorrow … or whenever my taxes are done and the other things that MUST be done tomorrow. Reprioritizing is a thing.


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