S16.1.2: In Which We Steal Art

The Kingsbury Grade crosses the sharp ridge dividing the Carson Valley from Lake Tahoe, and the cuts where it snakes up the eastern side can be seen for miles. It’s a swift drive with some good views.

2016-04-05 12.27.45
NV SR 757 seen from NV SR 207

Stateline NV is a short gauntlet of highrise casinos. I noticed they are a lot less grungy and rundown than they used to be. There’s still little compelling about it — all you get are vast gaming rooms and stage marquees — but the impression is not so pathetic as a decade or two ago.

Our mission was past that. In South Lake Tahoe, CA, there’s an art gallery with a forest of kinetic sculptures out front. The best artists steal from the best artists, so we took a bunch of stills and video to facilitate further study. Oh, and because they were beautiful.

2016-04-05 13.14.27

2016-04-06 02.41.54-6.gif
Lyman Whitaker makes these



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